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The Back Mountain Dental Office of Dr. David H. Spring Welcomes You

Dr. Spring and his team are dedicated to providing the best dental care possible for patients in Dallas, PA and the surrounding area. Offering "gentle dental care " customized to meet your specific needs, and/or those of your family. Dr. Spring works diligently to ensure his patients’ satisfaction and the health of their smile.

Our Wide Range of Dental Treatments

We offer comprehensive services, reducing your need to be referred to another dental professional. Some of your treatment options include:

Our Dallas dental practice offers nitrous oxide gas for anxious patients and does our best to provide a calm, peaceful environment in which you can receive quality dental care.

Personalized Dental Care for Back Mountain Patients

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Dr. Spring takes a friendly and methodical approach to your care. You and your family can expect to be listened to by both our dentist and staff. We are all committed to helping our patients maintain, enhance, and restore their smiles so they can greet the world with confidence.

Another reason we work so hard to ensure your oral health is that we understand the connection between a healthy smile and a healthy body. Dr. Spring educates our patients on the best ways to keep their teeth and gums in great shape to avoid unforeseen dental problems.

By establishing a relationship based on trust, our team and patients become like members of the same family, sharing our lives and getting to know you and your oral health concerns on a deep level that underscores your treatment.

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Dr. Spring considers every aspect of your smile. He is detail oriented and committed to your complete satisfaction. Contact us for more information, or to schedule an appointment – We are here to make you SMILE!

Improving Health. Improving Smiles. Improving Lives.


If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to provide an answer for you. As always, we welcome your feedback.

--- Creating Beautiful Healthy Smiles ---

David H. Spring, DMD MAGD
2935 Memorial Highway
Dallas, PA 18612
Phone: 570-675-7796

A Beautiful Smile

Compassionate dental professionals committed to providing quality care in a relaxing atmosphere.


Dr. Spring,
Thanks for the GREAT work you did on my teeth.
I can now eat, SMILE and feel comfortable with both my denture and partial for the first time in years....

Bob S.

Thank you Dr. Spring! It's the most comfortable I have ever been the (dental) chair!

John S.

Dr. Spring has been my Dentist since the late 1990’s and he has been a wonderful Dentist and he cares about his patients too. For example, in 2010 I was diagnosed with a parotid gland tumor that required surgery. After the surgery I was told I needed radiation treatment and that the treatment may cause dry mouth and possible tooth loss as well. When I told Dr. Spring, he was very concerned and he went right to work and within a day or two called to tell me he had a medicine/remedy that would prevent dry mouth and possibly other side effects called Kamillosan. I used the Kamillosan all during my treatments and it worked and Dr. Spring even contacted me several times during my treatment just to see how I was doing. Even the doctors in New York never heard of Kamillosan. Now, every time I go for my dental appointment, Dr. Spring always takes a few minutes just to catch up with everything. He’s like an old friend.

Thanks Dr. Spring and your team for everything.

Elizabeth J.

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