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Digital Panoramic X-Ray – This type of x-ray allows us to see the entire upper and lower jaw.  It is much more comfortable than a lot of little x-rays and we are now able to utilize our digital Panorex machine for a patient's regular check-up x-rays, when necessary, as well. Our new digital system provides a higher diagnostic quality image.

Dental Magnifying Loupes – These are specialized glasses that magnify the tooth (teeth) I am working on.  I can be more accurate and efficient with this glasses.

Endodontics (root canal therapy) –I use an electric handpiece with flexible rotary files. This technology is new to the dental market.  This allows me to improve the accuracy and the speed of treatment, which is a welcome thing.

Digital Photography – Accurate photographs of pre-treatment, mid treatment and post-treatment dental work greatly aids in the treatment and treatment planning of large and cosmetic cases.

Digital X-rays/Decreased radiation exposure – Our new digital x-ray system is faster and produces a more precise and higher quality image.  We use rectangular collimation on our x-ray machines.  This device provides better diagnostics and a reduction of radiation exposure by a factor of 10.  This follows the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle, which is applied to radiation exposure. (We have been using this device since 1990.)

Articulator – An instrument that can duplicate the jaw to jaw relationship in the lab.  This is very useful and invaluable tool in planning any cosmetic and/or large treatment case.


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