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Dr. Spring,
Thanks for the GREAT work you did on my teeth.
I can now eat, SMILE and feel comfortable with both my denture and partial for the first time in years....

Bob S.

Thank you Dr. Spring! It's the most comfortable I have ever been the (dental) chair!

John S.

Dr. Spring has been my Dentist since the late 1990’s and he has been a wonderful Dentist and he cares about his patients too. For example, in 2010 I was diagnosed with a parotid gland tumor that required surgery. After the surgery I was told I needed radiation treatment and that the treatment may cause dry mouth and possible tooth loss as well. When I told Dr. Spring, he was very concerned and he went right to work and within a day or two called to tell me he had a medicine/remedy that would prevent dry mouth and possibly other side effects called Kamillosan. I used the Kamillosan all during my treatments and it worked and Dr. Spring even contacted me several times during my treatment just to see how I was doing. Even the doctors in New York never heard of Kamillosan. Now, every time I go for my dental appointment, Dr. Spring always takes a few minutes just to catch up with everything. He’s like an old friend.

Thanks Dr. Spring and your team for everything.

Elizabeth J.

“Smile!” I always dreaded that word.

As far back as elementary school, I can remember hating to smile, especially on picture day.
I would try to hide behind someone else or smile with my lips closed.

By high school it seemed like I had grown but my teeth didn’t. My teeth were very small and I had 2 baby teeth in the front so my teeth were very uneven. When I did smile all you would see were a lot of gums and very little teeth.

Fast forward to adulthood and my 30s, I was missing quite a few teeth so chewing was becoming a problem. I always had to chew on one side when I ate because my bite did not match up. I also started having problems with my TMJs, which sometimes caused headaches. The 2 baby teeth were now starting to turn brown and it was becoming very noticeable.

It took me a long time to really admit I needed to do something or my quality of “eating” would really decline as I aged.

Dr. Spring would always talk to me about my need for teeth replacement and my bite. My bite was very tight with my bottom teeth actually chewing into my gums behind my top front teeth which resulted in very sore and often swollen gums.

It took me until my early 40’s to finally make a decision. The first thing we needed to do was to open up my bite. That’s where Dr Donahue and his staff come into the picture. Braces! I definitely thought I was too old, but what a difference. It feels so good not to be chewing into my gums and to have my bite line up.

I will be 54 soon and I love my smile. It has taken quite some time between braces, surgeries, temporaries, time and money. My bite feels great, I can chew on both sides of my mouth. No more TMJ symptoms, no more hiding my smile. My bridge looks and feels so natural.

My husband, family and friends love my new look. I work in retail and some of my customers have actually seen my whole transformation and have made comments about how much younger I look. I ran into one of the girls who adjusted my braces, from Dr. Donahue’s office, at a wedding last fall. She could not get over my smile and kept taking photos on her phone to show Dr. Donahue and the other girls.

We just had our first grandbaby and I love looking at the photos of me holding Claire. My smile is awesome.

Thank-you Dr. Spring, Laura, Melanie, and Grace for all your hard work and encouragement!

Kelly S.

'best dentist I've had in a long, long time...'


As someone who struggles with anxiety and panic attacks, a trip to the dentist had become something I put off much longer than the average person who "fears the dentist". This is an issue I can now put to rest. When the toothaches became more than I could ignore, I went to see Dr. Spring. Nothing was rushed but there wasn't a wasted move. Very knowledgeable and very willing to listen. Dr. Spring and his staff were friendlier than any dentist I'd ever been to (believe me I've tried a few) and I was as comfortable in his office as I am in my living room. Cavities are filled. The color matches so nicely that I can't tell where the filling starts and stops. I experienced ZERO pain during the process. As the numbness wore off, I was expecting pain and kept ibuprofen handy. At no point did I even think about taking it. It would've been completely unnecessary. Five stars aren't enough. Very fair prices. Dare I say it was an "enjoyable experience". And the time flew by. Look no further and put your dental issues off no longer. A big thank you to Dr. Spring and his assistant, who had a lovely personality by the way. I will sleep well, pain free, knowing my dental health is in good hands.


Great as always!

Bob R.

Dr Spring is very personable & an excellent dentist. I am very satisfied!

Irene A.

Our family has been cared for by Dr Spring for 18 years. Dr. Spring and his staff are meticulous in the dental care that they provide. Laura is our wonderful dental hygienist who is thorough, gentle and kind. Becky is the receptionist who carefully, efficiently works with our ever changing schedules. Our entire family trust, appreciate and are truly grateful for Dr. Spring and his team. Dr. Spring and his team provide consistent and top of the line dental care.

Susan K

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