Simple/Surgical Extractions

What is a simple extraction?  This is a procedure to remove a tooth from your mouth that is causing pain and is unrestorable. This is performed without the need to remove hard or soft tissue to facillitate its removal.  The soft tissue is teased away from the tooth.  Pressure is gently applied to the tooth to loosen it from the bone.  The bone slightly expands and the tooth can easily be removed.

What is a surgical extraction?  This procedure is similar to a simple extraction.  However, this situation requires the removal of hard tissue from around the tooth to extract it.  Sometimes the tooth has to be sectioned to facillitate removal.  Sutures (stitches) are usually placed to make the healing as easy and uneventful as possible.  These sutures are quickly, easily and painlessly removed in one week. 

Complete instructions will be given to you after an extraction.


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